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Get Your Guaranteed Diminished Value

Your car may look good after a fender bender has been repaired, but its value has been
reduced regardless of the quality of repair. In almost every case, when you sell or trade-in
your car you will get less for a car that has been involved in an accident.

WreckCheck™ gives you options to get paid for the Diminished Value now.
Just ask yourself, if you were buying a car would you pay the same for a car that
was involved in and accident as one that wasn’t? If the incident wasn’t your
fault, the law is on your side, and so is Wreckcheck™. The process is transparent,
fair, and equitable.
WreckCheck™ calculates your diminished value based on market driven facts.
We’ll guide you through a few simple steps to collect information on your
vehicle and the accident. Once you’ve supplied accurate and complete
information our system will generate a guaranteed value, and you’ll be on your
way to receiving the money you deserve from the responsible party.

What’s the Value of Your Car After An Accident?

WreckCheck™ provides a guaranteed value report for your car, instantly.

WreckCheck™ Takes The Mystery Out Of 
The Diminished Value Process So You Get Paid!

WreckCheck™ calculates your Diminished Value based on information that you give us about
your vehicle and the accident. Our system will then generate a guaranteed value so you can
receive the money you deserve from the responsible insurance company.

Enter Vehicle 

Our system guides you through a simple process that reveals the details about your car both before and after the accident. This information is crucial in calculating a guaranteed diminished value appraisal, offer and demand certificate from WreckCheck™.

Get Value 

Once you have supplied all required information, we review recent transactions that closely match the characteristics of your car, with and without damage. We create a guaranteed purchase offer specific to your car, before and after the accident. The difference equals the diminished value of your vehicle.

File Claim 

When you complete the WreckCheck™ questionnaire your claim is ready to be processed. You can submit your claim directly to the responsible insurance company, or you can elect to use the attorneys in the WreckCheck™ network that specialize in successful resolution of diminished value claims.

Get Paid! 

The law is clear. You are entitled to be compensated when your asset, your car, has been damaged by another vehicle and they were at fault. WreckCheck™ is here to be sure you get what you are entitled to.

Calculate your Diminished Value, instantly.